Master Of Arts In Christian Education

Master Of Arts In Christian Education

( 60 Semester Hours)


The Master of Arts in Christian Education program provides biblical and theological education for those anticipating a vocations as ministers of Christian education, children’s workers, ministers of youth, parachurch youth leaders, ministers of adults, directors of family life education, administrators or teachers in Christian higher education, Christian school teachers and administrators, or women’s ministry leaders.



The Master of Arts in Christian Education degree designed to develop the personal spiritual characteristics necessary for  ministry through Christian Education, provide a solid background in the theories undergirding Christian ministry, and to help students utilize them for the practice of ministry.


Educational Goals

To enable students to:

1. Organize, administer, and evaluate an educational program based on stated goals and objectives, working successfully with people in a variety of ministry situations.


2. Communicate effectively in a variety of Christian education ministry settings.


3. Formulate educational programs that are biblically based, educationally accurate, and related to people’s needs.


4. Utilize proper biblical and educational methods and materials for at least one age-level.