Master Of Divinity  (MDiv)  

Master Of Divinity  (MDiv)

(90 Semester Hours)


The Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree is a comprehensive graduate theological program covering a wide range of general and specialized subjects, designed to prepare students for service in the Church. The curriculum is centered around the vision of Christ’s Church as the people of God—a living, worshiping, witnessing community, within which faith is nurtured and through which Christ is served in the world. The curriculum is designed to instruct students in the study of theology in its widest sense, so that they may grow in the knowledge of God, discover and develop their God-given gifts and become more effective members of the body of Christ. This involves a deepening understanding of God and God’s world through rigorous academic discipline; but it also involves, in part as the fruit of such discipline, personal spiritual growth and maturity, and the acquiring of the relevant skills that will enable students to use their theological insights effectively in practical Christian ministry.



Comprehensive in academic focus and process, the Master of Divinity program includes rigorous coursework in both academic and practical disciplines, along with the intentional worship and community life necessary for personal and professional development in ministry.


Educational Goals

To enable students to:

1. Verbalize a general knowledge of the Bible, including a synthetic understanding of the major books.


2. Evidence an understanding of the historical development of theology, a knowledge of premillennial theology, and an  ability to support their theological views and apply them to contemporary issues.


3. Demonstrate ability to exegete the Hebrew and Greek texts of  the Bible.


4. Evidence an understanding of the educational program of the local church and an awareness of the worldwide mission of the  church.